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ZALA Aero pursues AI-driven detection system, containerised UAV assembly facility

04 September 2019

Russia’s ZALA Aero, a subsidiary of Rostec’s Kalashnikov Group which specialises in the manufacture of unmanned systems, has developed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-borne detection system that employs artificial intelligence (AI) technology to recognise objects.

The system, named Artificial Intelligence Visual Identification (AIVI), was unveiled at the MAKS 2019 aerospace show held in Zhukovsky near Moscow between 27 August and 1 September.

A ZALA Aero spokesperson told Jane’s that AIVI can provide 360° coverage around the host UAV and can perform real-time recognition and classification of detected objects.

“The system employs an AI and a modular camera payload to analyse underlying terrain,’ the spokesperson explained, noting that the system can be used along with the existing payloads of ZALA Aero’s UAVs.

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