Intel Briefing: Cold War II? US/NATO and Russia

31 August 2019

This is an extract of a 60 minute live webcast available to subscribers of Jane's Intelligence Centres.

Jane's provides a series of regular 60 minute webcasts on a variety of defence and security topics. These briefings provide you with the opportunity to listen to the latest insights from our analysts and ask questions.

Ever since Russia's annexation of the Crimea in 2014 there has been a persistent debate about whether the geopolitical struggle between Moscow and Washington/Brussels can be described as a second Cold War. This briefing will examine the ongoing tensions, balance of military capabilities, and strategic competition between Russia and the US/NATO.

Specifically, Jane's experts will cover:

o The status of NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence mission and the US military's reinforcement of capabilities across Europe;

o The military capabilities of key NATO countries, including the Baltic Republics, and Russia;

o The state of the nuclear balance and arms control measures;

o Russian and NATO intervention and proxy fights in the Ukraine and Syria.

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