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Dynamit Nobel Defence to begin RGW 110 firing trials in 2020

30 August 2019

Image of the prototype RGW 110 single-use shoulder-launched weapon system equipped with a reuseable Hensoldt Dynahawk fire-control system Source: Dynamit Nobel Defence

Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) is expected to begin preliminary firing trials of its prototype 110 mm calibre Recoilless Grenade Weapon (RGW) 110 shoulder-fired disposable single-use weapon system in 2020, following achievement of the full system- integration milestone at the end of this year.

"We are currently nearing the end of full system prototype development phase of the RGW 110," Sebastian Bent, regional sales director, DND, told Jane's . "We are ready on the component level: development of the launch tube is finalised, the 110 mm calibre warhead is in final development, and by the beginning of next year we will have an all-up baseline weapon prototype that is ready for firing trials," he added.

The RGW 110 extends the calibre of the RGW family - currently in 60 mm and 90 mm warhead variants - to a 110 mm calibre variant which, in its baseline offering, will be furnished with a high-explosive anti-tank/high-explosive squash head (HEAT/HESH ) warhead. The RGW 110 development also signals the beginning of the transition of DND's 110 mm calibre warhead-variant offerings away from the Panzerfaust model and into the RGW design.

Weighing 10 kg, measuring 100 cm in length, and with an effective range of between 600 m and 800 m, the RGW 110 is essentially an ergonomically improved and performance-upgraded evolution of, and direct successor to, the DND 110 mm Panzerfaust 3 family of single-shot shoulder-launched weapon systems. "We've taken the 110 mm Panzerfaust HEAT/HESH warhead, shortened and upgraded it - while maintaining its performance - and put it inside an ergonomically enhanced 110 mm launch tube. So essentially you have a Panzerfaust in its newest version, which is more than 3 kg lighter [and] more balanced, with greater accuracy and longer range," said Bent.

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