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Belgian Army contracts Saab for Gamer mobile combat training centre

22 August 2019

Saab is to provide infantry equipment as part of its contract to supply a complete CTC system to the Belgian Army. The personal detector device includes the harness with laser detectors, a 360° detector on the top of the helmet connected by an inductive link to the harness, and a control unit (seen on the left shoulder of the individual on the left). The BT47 small-arms laser transmitters are the small boxes mounted on the weapon barrel in front of the foresight. Source: Saab Training & Simulation

The Belgian Army has awarded Saab an SEK160 million (USD17 million) contract for live training systems, the company announced on 19 August. The equipment is to be delivered in 2021.

Under the contract Saab will provide its Gamer mobile combat training centre (CTC) with a laser-based tactical engagement simulation system (TESS). This will include personal detector devices and BT47 small-arms laser projectors for infantry use, and the BT46 Mk III vehicle system that includes wireless-networked detectors and the compact ballistic laser (CBL) for remote weapon stations. The CBL will also be supplied for shoulder-held anti-tank weapons.

The BT46 Mk III supports simultaneous detection of dual SISO and MILES laser codes. All the laser detectors are battery powered, using the same batteries as the dismounted system, avoiding the need to connect to vehicle power. The system is controlled via a smart device app and is hardware agnostic.

The Gamer mobile CTC equipment also includes the communications system, exercise control facilities, and software to enable monitoring and detailed analysis of all exercise activity.

A Saab representative told Jane's that the systems to be supplied will be able to support three companies training in separate locations, but these can be combined to support up to battalion-level exercises. The main location will be at Leopoldsburg, but the mobile systems will be deployed as required.

Saab noted that one of the Belgian Army's requirements was for interoperability with NATO allies for multi-national live training. Saab supplies TESS equipment to numerous NATO members. Åsa Thegström, head of Saab's training and simulation business unit, said, "This means Belgium will share the same standards as members in the Interoperability User Community [IUC]. They can therefore take part in multinational exercises together with, among others, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, and the US".

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