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Engine upgrade for Indian Jaguars stalls

21 August 2019

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is poised to scrap its decade-old proposal to up-engine its fleet of SEPECAT Jaguar ground attack aircraft owing to the high cost involved.

Industry sources told Jane’s that Honeywell quoted a price of USD2.4 billion for 180 F-125IN turbofan engines as replacements for the Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour Mk 811 powerpacks originally installed in the Jaguars. The plan was for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) to install two new engines in 80 Jaguars to increase their thrust so they could carry more weapons, with the remaining 20 engines kept as spares.

This would have amounted to about USD26.7 million per Jaguar in addition to HAL’s fee of INR200 million (USD2.8 million) to modify each airframe, integrate the engine, and flight test and certify the completed platform.

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