Iranian Shahab-3 tested

29 July 2019

Iran test fired a Shahab-3 medium-range ballistic missile on 24 July, US officials told several news organisations over the following two days. The missile was launched from southern Iran and flew around 1,100 km to an area east of Tehran.

Iran did not confirm the launch, but an official told local news agencies that the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile tests “are natural within its defensive needs”.

Derived from the North Korean No Dong (Rodong), the liquid-fuel Shahab-3 was unveiled in 1998. The latest known versions are called the Ghadr-F, Ghadr-H, and Emad, the latter having a manoeuvring re-entry vehicle.

Iran often tests ballistic missiles, according to the Israeli government, which sends letters to the UN Security Council to note the launches as violations of Resolution 2231.

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