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Developers look to ‘ubiquitous radar’ technologies for 360-degree vision

15 July 2019

Ubiquitous radar may be coming of age, and could offer enhancements to short-range battlefield air surveillance in the future.

A conventional radar either rotates a single antenna mechanically to sweep a 360-degree field of view (FOV), or uses fixed flat-panel arrays to scan the horizon with the beam electronically steered to provide the same effect. A ubiquitous radar is designed to look in all directions, all of the time.

The ubiquitous radar FOV can be likened to a donut, with the ring constituting the azimuth and angle of elevation seen by the radar.

The concept was articulated by radar engineer Merrill Skolnik in a 2002 paper, 'Systems Aspects of Digital Beam Forming Ubiquitous Radar'.

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