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Diehl, Safran team for Hussar glide munition development

03 July 2019

Model of the Diehl Defence-Safran Electronics & Defense Hussar tactical glide munition concept shown at the 2019 Paris Air Show. Source: R Hughes

Diehl Defence of Germany and Safran Electronics & Defense of France have signed an co-operative agreement for the development of a lightweight tactical air-to-surface guided glide munition.

The munition, designated Hussar is, in the first instance, intended to equip fighter aircraft platforms – such as the current generation of Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon multirole combat aircraft – and tactical and medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aircraft systems (UASs). The weapon system will also be offered for next-generation air combat platforms such the French/German/Spanish New-Generation Fighter/Système de Combat Aérien du Futur (NGF/SCAF) and the UK-led Tempest system.

The Hussar initiative is designed to address a requirement identified by the French Air Force in recent combat operations, and will also be offered to the German Air Force as a force multiplier for its air-to-surface munitions inventory.

Still in the concept development phase, Hussar is envisaged as an ITAR-free 20 kg-class low-collateral damage precision-guided tactical air-to-surface weapon system, 1,000 mm long, with semi-active laser terminal (SAL) guidance and a 2.5 kg scalable effects warhead. While the design has not been finalised, released graphics and models show cruciform rear actuator assembly and a mid-body single folding wing. The munition will have an engagement range, depending on a release altitude of about 20 km, with a circular error probable (CEP) of 1m. The missile will be optimised for the engagement of time sensitive, lightly armoured moving and stationary targets.

“The basic concept is for an unpowered glide munition, although future developments could see the addition of a propulsion system,” a Diehl company spokesperson told Jane’s . “While the baseline version will have a SAL seeker, other seeker options systems could be considered,” the spokesperson added.

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