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Serbia showcases modular rocket launcher

02 July 2019

The latest Serbian 267 mm/122 mm modular multiple rocket launcher is based on an 8x8 chassis. Source: Christopher F Foss

Serbia's Yugoimport SDPR has unveiled a new 267 mm/122 mm multiple rocket launcher system (MRLS), developed for the export market using internal funding.

To provide mobility and rapid deployment after a fire mission, the new system is based on a KAMAZ 6560 8x8 chassis. According to a Yugoimport official, however, there could be other 8x8 platform options.

This 8x8 platform is fitted with powered steering on the front four wheels and a central tyre-inflation system (CTIS) that is operated by the driver from an armoured three-person cab. A machine gun for self-defence is mounted on the right side of the cab's roof.

A power-operated turntable, which is mounted on the rear, can be fitted two pods each of 24x122 mm unguided surface-to-surface rockets or two pods each of six 267 mm unguided rockets.

When carrying two pods of 122 mm rockets, an additional two pods of 122 mm rockets can be carried. Yugoimport is marketing 122 mm unguided rockets with ranges of 20.3 km, 28 km, 40 km, and 50 km, although the 50 km range weapon has yet to enter production. The 267 mm rocket has a stated maximum range of up to 70 km but has yet to be qualified or enter production.

The launcher has powered traverse of 110° left and right, and powered elevation from 3 to 60°. This can be carried out in automatic, semi-automatic, or manual modes.

The rockets can be launched from the cab or by remote control from 25 m away, with the operator selecting either single rockets or firing at time intervals of 0.8 to four seconds.

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