Military Capabilities

Nicaraguan Parliament approves foreign troop entry into nation

01 July 2019

The Nicaraguan National Assembly has approved the entry of military personnel from countries including Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, and Venezuela, between 1 July and 31 December to carry out training exercises and improve bilateral military relations. A number of Nicaraguan defence personnel will also travel abroad.

Decree No. 8561, published in Nicaragua's official daily La Gaceta on 13 June, lists the countries that will send personnel to the Central American nation. The list includes the deployment of 80 Russian troops into the nation to train with the Nicaraguan navy, air force, communications corps 'Blanca Stella Arauz Pineda', and the army's search-and-rescue (SAR) unit, while an additional 80 Russian troops will enter the country to train with the army's special operations command.

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