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Army 2019: Russia unveils Pantsir-S1M SAM vehicle

28 June 2019

The Pantsir-S1M SAM system shown at the Army 2019 exhibition. Source: IHS/MarkitMark Cazalet

KBP Instrument Design Bureau and NPO Vysokotchniye Kompleksy unveiled the Pantsir-S1M surface-to-air missile (SAM) platform, which is a modernised variant of the Pantsir-S1 short-range SAM system in service with the Russian Army.

The Pantsir-S1M, revealed at the Army 2019 defence exhibition held in Kubinka from 25 to 30 June, is based on the Kamaz-53958 Typhoon chassis, and for fire control uses the same radar as the Pantsir-ME naval variant displayed at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference 2019 (IDEX 2019), while retaining the two-faced search radar shown on some Pantsir-S1 and Pantsir-S1E variants. It also has an infrared electro-optical target tracking system to provide some tracking redundancy at closer ranges.

The new variant can launch a new high-speed two-stage missile with extended range and improved target interception characteristics, as well as the baseline 57E6 two-stage missile. Both missiles use a two-stage setup with a detachable boost stage and a passive second stage that lacks a sustainer. Instead it relies on kinetic energy imparted by the booster to reach its target.

In flight, the booster detaches after being spent, and the missile proceeds without it. A radio receiver is in the rear of the second stage and enables the missile to receive guidance and correction signals from the Pantsir radar.

The new missile has a shorter and thinner missile stage than the baseline variant, with a 14 kg warhead compared with the 20 kg warhead of the 57E6. However, the boost stage has been enlarged from 180 mm to 240 mm in diameter, and the new boost stage is also longer. This provides the missile with a maximum engagement range of 30 km and a maximum altitude of 18 km, compared with the 20 km range and 15 km altitude of the 57E6.

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