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Belarus unveils upgraded Polonez-M MRL system

07 June 2019

e Polonez-M MLR system with full-size mock-up of the tactical missile and its canister. Source: N Novichkov

The Belarusian Armed Forces have begun receiving the upgraded Polonez-M multiple launch rocket (MRL) system.

The modernised V-300RK Polonez-M MRL was shown at the recent MILEX 2019 exhibition in Minsk with an eight-cell launcher and a full-size mock-up of the upgraded A300 tactical surface-to-surface missile.

The Polonez-M is being developed by the Minsk-based Precision Electromechanics Plant (ZTEM), in co-operation with an undisclosed foreign state, which Jane's understands to be China.

Belarus' State Committee for Military Industry (GKVP) has already confirmed that the modernised system has passed firing tests, including the launch of a missile at a distance of 298.5 km in October 2017 in the Gomel Region of eastern Belarus.

According to industry sources, the A300 missile has already entered the development phase and will be finalised in 2021. "The upgraded missile features low radar cross-section and high manoeuvrability, flight speed, and diving speed in terminal phase," said a spokesperson for GKVP, commenting on the results of the tests.

The Polonez-M is mounted on a modernised MZKT-7930-3013 8x8 heavy chassis, which is equipped with a new gearbox and life support system, and has heavier payload capacity.

The vehicle typically carries eight canistered A300 missiles, which have a range of between 120 km and 290 km with a circular error probable (CEP) not exceeding 30 m. However, it is also capable of firing the earlier A200 munition, the firing range of which lies between 50 km and 200 km. Accordingly, the Polonez-M can simultaneously engage up to eight targets in a 20 km x 20 km area.

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