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Aselsan develops 40 mm air bursting munition system

04 June 2019

A 40 mm Mk 19 Mod 3 AGL fitted with the Aselsan Atom 40 mm Fire Control Unit (FCU) that enables it to fire the Atom high-velocity air busting munition. Source: Aselsan

Turkey’s Aselsan has completed development and testing of its Atom 40 mm high-velocity air bursting munition (HV ABM) and associated Atom 40 mm fire control unit (FCU), the company said on 31 May.

These were developed as a private venture by the company from May 2017, and production could commence once orders are placed.

The system was designed for installation on 40 mm automatic grenade launchers (AGL) that are fitted with a Picitanny rail. It provides the weapon increased accuracy and the ability to engage dismounted targets, behind buildings, and other battlefield obstacles. The Atom FCU kit consists of the user monitor, ammunition programming components, and electro-optic sensors.

In addition to being installed on a tripod-mounted 40 mm AGL, this system could also be installed on a 40 mm AGL mounted in a remote weapon station (RWS) on armoured fighting vehicles.

It could also be used as counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) system, capable of detecting and tracking UAVs. In this application the Atom 40 mm HV ABM offers a kinetic attack capability against smaller UAVs. The proposed UAV hard kill system solution includes Aselsan’s iHTAR C-UAV system and its SARP RWS, according to Aselsan.

The Atom 40 mm HV ABM is programmed to detonate over the target. This programming takes place while the 40 mm HV ABM is leaving the barrel at a distance between 18–40 m.

Muzzle velocity is 240 m/s with its high-explosive (HE) fragmentation warhead containing 1,100 fragments that are claimed to provide a kill radius of 5 m and a wound radius of 15 m.

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