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Russia deploys new coastal anti-ship missile battalions on Kamchatka Peninsula

29 May 2019

The Russian coastal missile brigade based on the country's Far East Kamchatka Peninsula has received two battalions of Bal and Bastion-P anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCMs), according to Russian Pacific Fleet commander Admiral Sergei Avakyants.

On 20 May Adm Avakyants told Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda, "In just one month we received one battalion set each of the coastal missile systems 'Bastion' and 'Bal'. This is about 20 vehicles in all."

The Kamchatka-based 520th Independent Coastal Missile-Artillery Brigade added the 3K60 Bal (SSC-6 'Sennight') and K300P Bastion-P (SSC-5 'Stooge') ASCM battalions to an existing Bastion-P battalion. The Pacific Fleet's 72nd Brigade near Vladivostok has the same configuration of one Bal and two Bastion-P battalions.

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