Eyes on the prize [CS19D2]

30 May 2019

A number of companies are exhibiting air defence solutions that could inform the Canadian Army's future ground-based air defence (GBAD) requirement.

An updated GBAD Defence Capabilities Blueprint, released in January this year, outlines a requirement for tactical air defence protection to friendly forces and vital installations during expeditionary and domestic operations. The majority of items to be acquired by this project will be fielded commercial-off-the- shelf technology to defend against rocket, artillery and mortar munitions, air-to-surface missiles and bombs, and remotely piloted aircraft system threats. According to the blueprint, "The Project will deliver an air defence system that will include the effector platform(s) (either guns, missiles, Directed Energy Weapon Systems, EW or a combination thereof), munitions, a sensor suite, fire control software and an integrated networked C4ISR system. It will also be equipped with a training and simulation system that leverages modelling and simulation to provide realistic and immersive training."

The funding range for the GBAD programme is C$250-499 million. Currently in the options analysis phase, the anticipated timeline for the GBAD acquisition includes a definition phase in 2020/21, an implementation phase beginning in 2023/24 and initial system deliveries starting in 2026/27. Final deliveries of the selected system are due in 2029/30.

Saab Canada (Booth 1521) is exhibiting an integrated networked mobile short-range air defence system (MSHORAD) solution that features an RBS70 NG remote weapon station, the Giraffe 1X short-range air defence radar and a Saab Tactical Command and Control System (TaCCS) shown on a General Dynamics Land Systems- Canada LAV 6.0 platform, although the MSHORAD platform has not yet been officially confirmed.

Rheinmetall Canada (Booth 1121) is exhibiting the Oerlikon Skynex networked future air defence system. The core element of Skynex is the Oerlikon Skymaster C2 system, which stays in contact with the other subsystems via a tactical communications network. This enables Rheinmetall to integrate assets such as Skyshield or Skyguard fire units, guided missile launchers or even high-energy laser effectors into the system. At CANSEC, Rheinmetall is presenting the 35mm Oerlikon Revolver Gun Mk3 turret and the Cheetah guided missile launcher.

Nexter Canada (Booth 921) is displaying the 40mm RapidFire compact anti-air gun turret with an integrated Thales 3D GroundMaster radar and ControlMaster C2 system.

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