Rebuilding communities [CS19D2]

30 May 2019

Team Rubicon (Booth 137) recruits, trains, equips, organises and deploys veterans to aid in disaster response operations around the world, demonstrating to society and individual veterans alike that veterans are powerful resources with skills to be harnessed. Team Rubicon offers veterans a unique opportunity to be part of humanitarian efforts with a unified purpose, mission and intensity that is reminiscent of military experience.

The team-based model gives veterans the opportunity to be part of a larger community with a shared vision, creating a familiar sense of belonging and comradeship. Team Rubicon has been involved in more than 225 missions to rebuild communities following disasters ranging from hurricanes and tornadoes to floods and earthquakes.

More than 70,000 volunteers are committed to serve, while some 10,000 veterans have been deployed to over 20 countries.

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