Heavy lift [CS19D2]

30 May 2019

Modern armed forces, in operations both at home and abroad, depend on assured, round-the-clock mobility and reliable logistics. Robustness, versatility and functionality are the most important performance criteria - no matter how bad the roads or how difficult the terrain.

Increasingly important, too, are flexible protection solutions, crucial for keeping crews safe during deployed operations.

At CANSEC 2019, Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV; Booths 1121 and 3021) is presenting its HX 10x10 Heavy Recovery Vehicle, or HRV, which combines high off-road mobility with a heavy-duty recovery capability. It is able to recover vehicles in suspended as well as supported (underlift) tow mode.

The highly mobile 10x10 vehicle features an underlift with a capacity of up to 15 tons, and a versatile recovery boom system that includes a crane with a lifting capability of up to 23 tons (at 60° elevation fully extended), two independent winches (Rotzler HZ090) for righting vehicles, and a constant pull (capstan) main winch (Rotzler TR200).

The recovery boom enables 360° operations around the vehicle.

The HX 10x10 HRV can tow a hook load of up to 15 tons. The gross train weight is 75 tons. It offers a high degree of protection against ballistic, mine and improvised explosive device threats when utilised with an integrated armoured cabin. HX vehicles can be 'fitted for but not with' an integrated armoured cabin level.

The HX family comes in variants ranging from 4x4 to 10x10, configured for a multitude of different missions: cargo trucks and heavy-duty recovery vehicles, tankers, firing units and system platforms, as well as folding-road and bridge-laying systems. The engines that power these trucks are designed for outputs of up to 680hp.

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