Sea Platforms

US Navy establishes new command for USVs, Zumwalt destroyer development

23 May 2019

The US Navy officially established the Surface Development Squadron ONE (SURFDEVRON ONE) on 22 May to integrate unmanned surface vessels (USV) and support fleet experimentation, especially for the guided-missile destroyer (DDG 1000) Zuwmalt-class fleet, to accelerate delivery of new warfighting concepts and capabilities to the fleet.

SURFDEVRON ONE will manage the maintenance, training, and manning oversight for medium and large USVs – such as Sea Hunter – and the three Zumwalt-class vessels.

Zumwalt Squadron ONE (ZRON ONE) was moved into SURFDEVRON ONE as part of the establishment of the new command.

As the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) noted in its annual report on major Pentagon programmes, released earlier this month, DDG 1000 completed combat systems availability, combat tests are under way, and final delivery is now planned for September 2019.

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