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US Army looking for ways to fold AI research into expeditionary manoeuvre, air, and ground reconnaissance technologies

20 May 2019

At a time when the Pentagon is wading deeper into the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) research arenas, the US Army aims to harness the two as it develops new expeditionary manoeuvre, air, and ground reconnaissance technologies.

In early May, the service announced that it was looking to solve two problem sets involving AI and ML. When it comes to expeditionary manoeuvre, the army asked, “How do intelligent systems reason about, interact with, navigate through, and manipulate a dynamic environment (to include the unknown physical world) to achieve complex army relevant actions for the future multi-domain battlespace?”

On the air and ground reconnaissance front, “How do diverse, embodied agents collectively sense, infer, reason, plan, and execute in collaboration with army warfighters and in the face of a peer adversary?” the service asked.

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