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Rheinmetall revisits RH503 50 mm cannon as potential option for US OMFV

10 May 2019

Rheinmetall is revisiting the RH503 50 mm cannon that it developed in the 1980s so that its KF41 Lynx can carry a 50 mm weapon as part of its bid for the US Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) programme.

Philipp Tomio, Rheinmetall's vice president and capture manager for OMFV, said on 9 May that the RH503 now fires a 50 mm round, greatly increasing its muzzle energy and lethality compared with a 35 mm weapon.

Rheinmetall is also spending much effort to ensure that the turret of the KF41 Lynx can accommodate a 50 mm cannon, said Tobias Baumart, vice president and capture manager for the Australian Land 400 requirement.

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