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IDEF 2019: Otokar’s electrically powered Akrep IIe charges up

09 May 2019

The Akrep IIe was displayed at the 2019 IDEF equipped for reconnaissance missions. Source: IHS Markit/Patrick Allen

Otokar revealed an electrically powered Akrep IIe weapons carrier technology demonstrator at the 2019 IDEF exhibition held in Istanbul from 30 April to 3 May.

In a statement, general manager Serdar Görgüç said that "the Akrep II is a successor [to the original Akrep] specifically designed to meet the evolving demands of current and future military environments thanks to its compact size, low silhouette, low acoustic and thermal signature, and effective firepower".

The vehicle was developed in co-operation with AxleTech in a bid to demonstrate the maturity of electric powertrains, although the vehicle could be fitted with a diesel or diesel hybrid engine if required, Görgüç told Jane's .

Otokar said the Akrep IIe is designed to perform as a weapons carrier, capable of supporting a 90 mm gun or laser air-defence system. The version shown at the event was equipped to perform reconnaissance by force, armed with a 25 mm cannon in a newly designed remote turret.

The vehicle is powered by an electric propulsion system consisting of an electric motor, advanced battery pack, and power control algorithms. Electric motors confer certain advantages to armoured vehicles, the most noticeable of which is the ability to produce 100% of the engine's torque output from a dead start. Conventionally powered vehicles have to reach a certain revolutions per minute (RPM) before the optimum torque level is reached; this can make manoeuvring in a battle situation slow and challenging.

Additionally, the use of an electric motor significantly reduces the noise produced by the vehicle, and the heat signature generated by the vehicle is much lower than with conventional combustion engines.

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