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Somali pirates’ renewed use of motherships indicates resumed kidnap-for-ransom risk, but mitigation measures remain effective

03 May 2019

Somali pirates using a hijacked dhow as a mothership on 21 April unsuccessfully attempted to board two fishing vessels, before several pirates were detained on 23 April by a Spanish warship. Offshore risk mitigation measures are effective, but the syndicate of which the gang is a member remains active and motivated to demand ransoms for kidnapped crew members.

  • This is the first successful hijack of a vessel for use as a mothership since May 2017, indicating a resumption of piracy activity off the coast of southern-central Somalia. Pirates on 19 April hijacked for use as a mothership the Yemeni dhow LFV Al Azham with 23 crew members on board, the first such incident since May 2017.

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