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Armadillo TA-2 70 mm rocket launcher set for qualification trials

02 May 2019

The Armadillo TA-2 70 mm weapon system mounted on a modified M1152 HMMWV 4×4 tactical vehicle. Source: Victor Barreira

A prototype of the Armadillo TA-2 70 mm mobile tactical rocket launch system, which was developed by Brazilian privately owned company Mac Jee Indústria de Defesa, will undergo qualification at the Brazilian Army Evaluations Center (CAEx) in Rio de Janeiro later this year.

The activity will include mobility and fire testing.

The Armadillo TA-2 system was unveiled at LAAD Defence & Security 2019 exhibition in Rio de Janeiro in early April, where it was displayed mounted on a modified AM General M1152 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). The weapon system is designed to installed on any new-build 4×4 tactical vehicles, or adapted to an existing type fielded by the customer.

The Armadillo TA-2 currently enables the launch of 70 mm unguided rocket variants developed by Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil (IMBEL) or Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial.

The TA-2 launch system includes a specifically designed mission enclosure body to accommodate a roof-mounted fully-retractable all-weather 360º launch platform; an aft-installed telescopic mast-mounted long-range electro-optical observation system, developed by SYT Technologies, comprising a high definition day camera, a thermal camera, and laser range finder (LRF) capable of designating targets out to 10 km; six smoke grenade launchers; mobile firing control system consisting of touch screen display fitted into a ruggedised console; an IMBEL Mallet TRC-1193V VHF tactical radio transceiver with integrated GPS, and associated antennae. A powered automatic levelling system, which was developed by SOLETEC, enables vehicle/system stabilisation during the launch phase.

The launch platform, which can be manually or remotely operated, is equipped with three rocket launch modules, each carrying 16 ready-to-fire 70 mm rocket ammunition. Another two loaded modules are stored inside the vehicle's ammunition compartment, which also features an automatic ammunition reloading system.

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