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Russia deploys new forward air control vehicle to Syria

25 April 2019

Russia has deployed a BOMAN (BOyevaya Mashina AviaNavodchika) forward air control vehicle to Syria, the Izvestia newspaper reported on 24 April citing well-informed military sources.

According to the report, the BOMAN sent to Syria is a developmental model and its deployment will be used to inform the production-standard vehicle for the Russian ground forces.

It said the system is designed to detect targets and direct fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft to carry out accurate strikes. It consists of a Tigr 4×4 light armoured vehicle equipped with a powerful radio station as well as a laser designator/range finder and thermal camera.

It is also integrated into the intelligence and communications system known as Strelets, which "allows online transfer of data that is plotted on an electronic map displayed on tablets," according to Izvestia .

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