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Ukrainian 1L220UK counter-battery radar completes field tests

12 April 2019

The 1L220UK counter-battery radar has completed field trials. Source: Ukroboronprom

The Ukrainian armed forces have completed field tests of a new version of the domestically produced 1L220UK counter-battery artillery reconnaissance system, the country's state concern Ukroboronprom announced on 8 April.

The counter-battery radar was designed by the Zaporizhia-based Iskra research centre.

"Based on the test protocols, signed by members of the public commission, an act of state tests will be drawn up in which, according to available information, it will be recommended that the 1L220UK radar enters service with the armed forces of Ukraine," the company said in a press release.

The mobile weapon locating system is designed to detect and track the point of origin of incoming artillery shells and rockets to direct counter-battery fire. The system uses its radar to track the trajectory of a shell or rocket and calculates its point of origin and impact.

According to the company, the radar's digital active phased-array antenna allows operators to deploy the counter-battery radar dozens of kilometres from enemy positions, observing them in a 180° field of view.

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