Elbit Systems to supply Stylet GMM to Asia-Pacific country

11 April 2019

Israel's Elbit Systems announced on 11 April that it has been awarded a USD30 million contract to supply an undisclosed number of 120 mm Stylet Guided Mortar Munitions (GMMs) to a country in the Asia-Pacific region.

The contract for these GMMs, which have been designed for use by tactical combat units and special forces, will be performed over a two-year period, said the company in a statement.

The Stylet GMM, which uses a GPS-aided INS-based guidance system, has an accuracy of less than 10 m circular error probable (CEP) at ranges of 1,000-8,500 m. Although its warhead is smaller than a normal 120 mm mortar bomb, its high accuracy and the use of a multimode proximity fuze ensures its lethality.

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