Infantry Weapons

Saudi Arabia takes delivery of TOS-1A MRLs

10 April 2019

Saudi Arabia has received an initial batch of TOS-1A Solntsepek multiple rocket launchers (MRLs), Russia’s Interfax news agency cited an informed source as saying on 10 April.

On the previous day photographs began circulating on social media channels that purportedly showed a TOS-1A in Saudi Arabia. The MRL was seen loaded on a trailer that appeared to have the insignia of the Royal Saudi Land Forces (RSLF).

The TOS-1A consists of the hull of a T-72 tank that carries a 24-tube launcher for 220 mm rockets with thermobaric warheads and a range of 6 km. It is referred to as a ‘heavy flamethrower system’ in Russia, which has deployed the system to Syria and sold it to at least two other Arab countries: Algeria and Iraq.

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