Air-Launched Weapons

Brazilian AEQ develops 2,000 lb penetrator bomb

10 April 2019

The Brazilian privately owned company AEQ is in the final phase of completing the development of its BPEN 2000 air-launched ground penetration bomb for use by tactical combat aircraft.

The development, which was initiated in early 2017 is scheduled to be complete in six months, the company told Jane's. It has already received an order for the 2,000 lb-class bomb from an undisclosed export country.

The BPEN 2000 is composed of the body, which is made of specials steel alloy and Tungsten; a 237 kg (approximately 500 lb) warhead made of Tritonal fill, Comp B (consisting of castable mixtures of RDX and TNT, Plastic Bonded Explosive [PBX]) or thermobaric explosives; an electronic proximity fuze; and low-drag fins for stabilisation.

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