Country Risk

Cameroon’s Anglophone secessionists target state-owned commercial assets with likely increased weaponry capacity

03 April 2019

Since mid-2018, disparate Anglophone insurgent groups have launched attacks against Cameroonian state assets, particularly Cameroon Development Company (CDC) farms and their corresponding processing and packaging facilities, within the country’s Anglophone regions. While extending beyond these groups’ well-established range of usual attack targets, including security forces, civilians, and schools, attacking CDC assets correlates with the groups’ aim of disrupting the state’s operations in Anglophone areas. In attacks on CDC farms, secessionists burned crop-processing facilities and mutilated staff members to discourage them from continuing to work for the government-owned enterprise. The government of Cameroon also attributed to secessionist insurgents an arson attack on Kumba hospital in February and the sabotage of telecommunications infrastructure on the Bakassi peninsula in March.

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