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LAAD 2019: Secubit promotes smart inventory weaponry management system in region

01 April 2019

WeaponLogic communicates the lifespan of weapons and parts through software. Source: Secubit

Key Points

  • Secubit is showing its smart weapon management system for the first time at LAAD
  • The system uses artificial intelligence and a weapon-mounted counter to asses the health of weapons

Secubit is presenting its WeaponLogic advanced weaponry readiness and maintenance enhancement at the 2019 LAAD Defence and Security exposition for the first time.

WeaponLogic facilitates data-driven maintenance and smart weapon inventory management based on actual usage of data gathered by constantly reviewing each weapon, according to a company statement. The system is a set of tools that includes an advanced algorithm that gathers and analyses compressive weapon usage data in real time.

This data provides immediate battlefield indication regarding weapon state and ammunition consumption. The system's Smart Counter advanced artificial intelligence- (AI)-driven algorithm learns each specific weapon's characteristics and provides analysis for tactical optimisation. Secubit spokesperson Ruby Shasha said on 28 March ahead of LAAD that the AI part of the system is not in the logistic and parts ordering, but is in learning the weapon activity and performance and reducing malfunction according to the energy recorded during the firing sequence.

The system alerts the armourer which weapons require service and supply status. The collected data are sorted and displayed in an easy-to-use interface with customisable features.

Shasha said WeaponLogic is in use with several branches of the United States military and other forces in Sweden and New Zealand. Shasha said two Latin American nations have requirements for smart inventory weapon management systems.

Shasha said, in comparison to WeaponLogic, other weapon management systems focus on armoury and inventory management. The WeaponLogic system, on the other hand, is focused and based on the weapon itself and its condition.

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