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Russian helicopters receive new NVG system

22 March 2019

Russia's military rotary-wing aircraft fleet has been fully refitted with new night vision goggles (NVG), a source from the country's aerospace industry has told Jane's .The latest set of GEO-ONV1-01M night vision goggles as produced by Russia's NPO Geofizika-NV. (N Novichkov)The latest set of GEO-ONV1-01M night vision goggles as produced by Russia's NPO Geofizika-NV. (N Novichkov)

"Following an incident on 12 April 2016, when a Mil Mi-28N attack helicopter crashed in Syria due to a loss of orientation caused by a drawback of the organic ONV-1 Skosok NVGs, almost all Russian-made Mil and Kamov helicopters have been refitted with new-generation night vision devices," said the source, adding that Kamov Ka-52K and Mil Mi-28N attack helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) had received GEO-ONV1-family NVGs.

"Unlike the ONV-1 Skosok [system], the GEO-ONV1 goggles have been fitted with a third+-generation image intensifier that provides visibility at a distance of up to 4 km," added the source.

The NVG modifications for the Mil and Kamov rotorcraft have been designated the GEO-ONV1M and GEO-ONV1K respectively.

"NPO Geofizika-NV, which manufactures the new NVGs, has developed an updated variant of the device: the GEO-ONV1-01. The updated NVGs feature better ergonomics and image resolution, wider field-of-view, and lower weight. Some helicopters have already been fitted with the GEO-ONV1-01M/K goggles," said the source.

All the Russian-made export-oriented combat and military transport rotorcraft have been fitted with the GEO-ONV1 family NVG, he added.

Russia's Mi-8MTV-5/AMTSh transport-assault helicopters have also received the GEO-ONV1 goggles, according to the source.

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