Naval Weapons

French/UK Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon programme passes Key Review

20 March 2019

The joint French/UK Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon (FC/ASW) programme has successfully completed a milestone review intended to identify the most promising missile concepts and narrow down the list of potential technical solutions.

Work will now focus on further maturing the down-selected concepts through to the end of the project's concept phase in 2020.

The FC/ASW programme is intended to converge French and UK requirements for a new long-range anti-ship capability (to replace Exocet and Harpoon respectively) and a new conventionally armed deep strike missile (replacing the SCALP/Storm Shadow missile family). The two governments in March 2017 agreed to jointly fund MBDA for a three-year concept phase designed to explore both nations' emerging military requirements, and the concept, technology, and procurement options available to meet them.

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