Infantry Weapons

Russia’s 6V7M anti-materiel rifle cleared for export

08 March 2019

Russia’s newest 6V7M 12.7 mm anti-materiel rifle (AMR), a part of the Ratnik soldier modernisation suite, has been cleared for export sales, a source from Rostec’s High-Precision Weapons (HPW) business told Jane’s .

“The 6V7M AMR has already entered the small arms market in both its configurations: the baseline, and the shortened 6V7M1. Prior to that the rifle was delivered to the Special Forces, motor rifle units, and the Airborne Troops [VDV] of the Russian military under the Ratnik programme,” the source said.

The 6V7M (also designated ASVK-M or Kord-M) is the first Russian AMR with a free-floating barrel that carries a triple-chamber muzzle break.

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