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US Army and Lockheed Martin partner to develop rapid prototyping methods

04 March 2019

The US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and Lockheed Martin have signed a five-year co-operative agreement to develop new prototyping methods using bioproduction and self-assembly to create the building blocks of novel materials that have applications for defence optical technology and protective coatings.

Under the Self-Assembly of Nanostructures for Tunable Materials initiative – funded by the army with USD10 million – the service, academia, and industry scientists and engineers will study a range of capabilities to incorporate the bioproduction of new materials for the defence industry.

“Cells efficiently create all sorts of materials, like a spider’s silk or a butterfly’s iridescent wings,” the Melissa Rhoads, a Lockheed Martin senior research manager and the project lead, said in a press release.

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