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IDEX 2019: New Didgori models break cover

22 February 2019

The Didgori Meomari 120 mm mobile mortar system from Georgia’s Delta State Military Scientific-Technical Centre was displayed at IDEX 2019. Source: IHS Markit

Georgia’s Delta State Military Scientific-Technical Centre has expanded its family of Didgori vehicles, launching the 4×4 tactical patrol variant Didgori Meomari Tactical Armoured Modular Vehicle and exhibiting a mortar carrier variant of the vehicle at IDEX 2019.

The mortar carrier version displayed at IDEX 2019 was fitted with a 120 mm mortar and is in line for a “significant” contract with the Georgian military, Jane’s was told. That particular system will feature a Soviet-era 120 mm system, in line with the country’s current stock of heavy mortars, and will not feature an on-board fire-control system (FCS). However, an onboard FCS can be fitted to meet customer requirements.

Mounted on a hydraulically operated trolley that folds onto the vehicle’s rear tray for transport, the mortar system can be detached from the trolley in about 20 seconds if the crew needs to re-site the system or replace the tube. The mortar’s supporting bipod is mounted off the trolley, with the base of the trolley providing the necessary support for the mortar as a baseplate and removing the need for any further off-platform supports.

According to the company, the system can achieve a rate of fire of 15 rounds per minute, at ranges of 480–7,100 m. The vehicle can carry 24–48 rounds of ammunition, depending on loadout, and can also be equipped with a remote weapons station (RWS) for crew protection if required.

Alternative calibres, primarily 105 mm and 81 mm, can be accommodated on the trolley.

Compared with the baseline model of the Didgori Meomari, the mortar carrier’s rear leaf suspension spring is replaced with an air-suspension system.

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