IDEX 2019

Contract awards [IDEX19D5]

21 February 2019

On the fourth day of IDEX 2019, the UAE Armed Forces announced a total of 29 contracts, of which 22 were for Emirati companies. These contracts totalled AED787.7 million ($214.5 million). Additionally, seven contracts worth nearly AED2 billion ($540 million) were announced for international suppliers.

The daily total of AED2.78 billion ($757.4 million) brought the cumulative total across the first four days of the exhibition to AED19.66 billion ($5.35 billion). The largest contract announced on Day 4 was to US company Kaman Fuzing and Precision, which received an AED1.19 billion ($320 million) contract to supply FMU-152 fuzes (pictured). The FMU-152 is a multifunction fuze employed in the Mk 80 series of general-purpose bombs, together with the many precision-guided derivatives that employ IMU/ GPS guidance (JDAM) and laser guidance (Paveway).

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