IDEX 2019

There’s no escape [IDEX19D5]

21 February 2019

UK-based security equipment specialist BCB International (Stand C8-005) is showing its new range of boat stopping systems, designed to quickly stop boats without damaging the craft or harming the occupants.

Andrew Howell, BCB International’s managing director, explained: “BCB’s boat stopping systems were inspired by police road ‘stingers’ used to stop speeding and runaway cars. Our ports, docks and rivers are vulnerable to piracy, acts of terrorism, and narcotics trafficking.”

He added: “Provided in boat-mounted and handheld formats, our non-lethal fast boat stopping systems ingeniously use compressed air and a range of specialised projectiles to intercept vessels weighing up to 3 tonnes, and rigid inflatable boats travelling at 45kt, in seconds.”

A range of different system solutions are available, comprising the Barracuda, the Buccaneer (available in both lightweight and standard versions) and the Sea Stinger

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