IDEX 2019

‘Virtually indestructible’ boats [IDEX19D5]

21 February 2019

Having already achieved export success with its rugged military patrol boats, South African firm Twiga Services and Logistics (Stand 12-C40) is showcasing some examples at IDEX this week.

Designed for harsh working environments and demanding conditions, the range of rugged boats are designed for fast-boat operations, riverine patrols, offshore interception, scuba-dive support and logistics supply.

Available in lengths from 6.5- 12.0m, they are qualified for military and security operations in rivers, lakes and close to the seashore, although the boats can safely be taken into deeper water.

Constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the boats are claimed to be virtually indestructible and provide a tough, durable water platform. According to Twiga’s CEO, Brig Gen Damian de Lange, HDPE provides positive buoyancy and is easily repaired in the event of damage to the hull.

“Tests we’ve done involved deliberately hitting floating and submerged obstacles, including ice-filled drums at top speed, which the boats withstood successfully,” he explained. “This test was prompted by interest from customers operating in ice environments. The boats can operate in sea state 5, which is characterised by rough seas and high wind conditions.”

A recent export order of four boats to Uganda, delivered in June 2018, consisted of the 850 MPB a top speed of more than 35kt.

However, inboard diesel motors or jet drives can also be fitted.

Electronic equipment on board the 850 MPB includes radar, forward scanner, GPS, touchscreen display and WiFi to allow the team leader access to the electronic and observation systems. This variant has three gun stations integrated into the hull structure, thereby providing a robust hard-point for machine guns.

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