IDEX 2019

Upgraded Bahraini corvette [IDEX19D5]

21 February 2019

The Royal Bahrain Naval Forces corvette RBNS Al-Manama, alongside at NAVDEX, is one of two MGB 62-class vessels recently modernised by Leonardo (Stand 06-B07) under a contract signed in 2015.

Upgrades include new surveillance and fire control radars, and an electro-optical director. While Leonardo has not disclosed details, the sensors concerned are thought to be the company's SPS-732 X-band 2D surveillance radar, the NA-25X radar/electro-optical weapon control system, and the Medusa Mk4/B electro-optical director.

Al-Manama was handed back to the Royal Bahrain Naval Forces in January 2018 after completing its modernisation refit. In November 2018, the company announced that it re-delivered sister vessel RNBS Al-Muharraq to the Royal Bahrain Naval Forces.

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