Naval Weapons

Taiwan to upgrade Hsiung Feng II Block II anti-ship missile

20 February 2019

Taiwan has decided to upgrade its Hsiung Feng II Block II (also referred to as Hsiung Feng IIB or HF-IIB) anti-ship missile and complete mass production of the improved weapon system by 2023, defence officials told Jane’s on 18 February

The upgrade is being carried out by Taiwan’s National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) as part of the Republic of China Navy’s ‘Thunder Project’.

Although no further information has been released about the upgrade programme, Taiwan-based defence analysts said it is aimed at increasing the HF-IIB’s range from approximately 160 km to around 250 km.

They said the upgraded version of the HF-IIB, which is being commonly referred to as the HF-II ER (Extended Range), will also feature enhanced electronic counter-countermeasures and guidance systems.

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