IDEX 2019

Wahash swoops [IDEX19D4]

20 February 2019

Calidus (Stand 04-C15, UAE Pavilion) has launched its Wahash (wild falcon) (8x8) in the infantry fighting vehicle configuration at IDEX. Development of the Wahash started two years ago and so far two have been built and are classed as engineering development models. Ballistic and mine trials have already been completed.

A wide range of weapon systems can be fitted and this is often selected by the customer and supplied as government-furnished equipment. The Wahash being shown is fitted with a remote-controlled turret from Ukraine and is armed with a 30mm dual-feed cannon, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and a pod of two anti-tank guided weapons on the right side, and banks of 81mm electrically operated smoke grenade launchers. The baseline hull is of all-welded steel with an appliqué layer of passive armour, which is modular to allow for different armour solutions to meet different user requirements. The highest level of ballistic protection is STANAG 4569 Level 4, with mine protection to STANAG 4569 Level 4a/4b.

The powerpack is mounted at the front right and consists of a Scania DC 13 diesel developing 540kW, coupled to a ZF automatic transfer and a Katsa transfer case. A maximum road speed of 130km/h is quoted.

A height management system is fitted and steering is power-assisted on the front two wheels either side; rear wheel steering is optional, and is fitted on the example shown at IDEX. The company quotes a gross vehicle weight of up to 32,000kg, of which 7,500kg is the payload - weapons, ammunition, crew and armour package.

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