IDEX 2019

Etimad on target [IDEX19D4]

20 February 2019

On show as part of the main Etimad Holding display (Stand 04- 10) is an array of aerial targets that are designed and manufactured in Abu Dhabi by Etimad Industrial.

The target drones have been designed to fulfil a number of roles, and are in service with the UAE Armed Forces. All can operate autonomously, controlled from a ruggedised operator console that can be used in the field.

Etimad Industrial has been making targets for around two years, and first exhibited at the 2017 edition of IDEX. The portfolio of products ranges from low-speed targets for anti-aircraft artillery calibration to fast, manoeuvrable drones to train air defence crews. At the slowest end of the range is the piston-engined ED-170, with a speed of up to 250km/h. Able to fly at up to 550km/h is the ETJ-32/40, a swept-wing target with either 32kg or 40kg of thrust and a payload capability of 5kg. The similar ETJ- 80 has two jet engines providing 64kg or 80kg thrust and a top speed of 700km/h, It can reach 25,000ft and has an endurance of 60 minutes.

Top of the range is the EDJ-80 (pictured), which has forward-swept wings, twin-jet propulsion of up to 80kg thrust, 10kg payload and a speed range of 100-700km/h. It offers a highly manoeuvrable target that is rated for +5g/-3g, and can simulate a range of attack profiles.

Etimad has also designed a bungee launcher that provides a maximum acceleration of 10g to a launch speed of 50m/s. The ramp is adjustable in elevation from 0° to 15°.

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