IDEX 2019

Precision-guided bombs [IDEX19D4]

20 February 2019

Barij Dynamics is showing a range of precision-guided air-launched munitions as part of the EDIC display (Stand 05-A05). The enterprise, which is now a joint venture between EDIC and Denel Dynamics, was previously known as Tawazun Dynamics, but changed its name following its switch to EDIC.

The company has created a range of precision munitions that are in service with the UAE Air Force and Air Defence. The first weapon produced by the joint venture was the Al Tariq, based on the Denel Umbani. This is a kit that turns a 125lb Mk 81 or 250lb Mk 82 unguided bomb into a precision weapon with GNSS/ INS (Global Navigation Satellite System/Inertial Navigation System) guidance. Dual-mode guidance systems have been developed with either imaging infrared (with automatic target recognition) or semi-active laser (SAL) seekers combined with the GNSS/INS system. The weapon comes in a standard Al Tariq-S configuration that has a range of around 40km, or the Al Tariq-LR that adds a large fold-out wing kit that extends the range to around 120km.

Barij Dynamics also produces the Sejeel bomb kit that adds GNSS/INS and/or SAL guidance to Mk 81 and Mk 82 bombs. Like Al Tariq, it can be programmed with differing attack profiles, and has off-axis and moving target attack capability. The company has also produced a strap-on kit (pictured) for the larger 2,000lb Mk 84 weapon with GNSS/INS and SAL guidance systems.

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