IDEX 2019

Communications sovereignty [IDEX19D4]

20 February 2019

Munich-based Rohde & Schwarz (Stand 08-C19, German Pavilion) is showing a range of its innovative technologies, including its SOVERON holistic system solution, writes Sam J Basch.

With digital sovereignty being crucial for government customers, SOVERON provides a secure, high-performance network architecture comprising innovative hardware and software, cryptology and intelligent routing.

A key feature of SOVERON is the Rohde & Schwarz software-defined radio (SDR) technology based on the software communications architecture (SCA). SOVERON SDRs are implemented as open platforms with separation between hardware (radios) and software (waveforms).

This design allows both SCA-based waveforms and third-party legacy waveforms to be ported to the radios.

This protects customers’ investments and provides backward compatibilty with legacy radios. Customers can also create and modify the embedded encryption and waveforms to set up secure communication channels.

The company is also showing its R&S NAVICS integrated communication system for internal and external communications on board all classes of ship.

Another highlight is the R&S ELINT solution, said to offer exceptional ease of operation and functionality. This has been optimised for detecting, recording and analysing modern radar signals.

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