IDEX 2019

Fully automated surveillance [IDEX19D4]

20 February 2019

Azur Drones of France is showing its Skeyetech drone system, part of the company's Drones'guard surveillance and reconnaissance solutions. The system is on show as part of the presentation by Etimad (Stand 04-C10), which is the Abu Dhabi distributor for the system.

Skeyetech is a fully automated drone system that is connected into a wider security network that can include thermal and radar sensors, and smart fence technology. It is designed as a reactive system that supports security by providing onscene imagery when potential issues have been detected by other means.

The drone and its day/ night cameras are housed in a fixed-position container that is networked directly into the security system. When a potential security breach is detected, the container's doors slide open and the drone launches to fly to the threat location based on co-ordinates generated within the security management system. Imagery is downlinked to the container, which then streams it in real time into the security command post.

With its visual check/identification task complete, the drone then returns to the container and lands - the landing platform serving as a charging station for the vehicle's electric motors.

All this process is designed to be completely automatic, with no human intervention required, although the drone can be controlled from the security post if desired. Endurance of the eight-bladed drone is 35 minutes.

Last month, Skeyetech became the first such system to receive certification from the French DGAC civil aviation authority, permitting it to be flown in civilian airspace, including urban environments, with only supervision from an unlicensed operator required.

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