IDEX 2019

Enhanced survival on the battlefield [IDEX19D4]

20 February 2019

Greek company EODH (Stand 08-D47) has revealed some details of its new Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System (ASPIS), which it is developing as a private venture and for which development is expected to be completed in about a year’s time.

According to EODH, ASPIS is designed to be fitted onto armoured fighting vehicles to enhance their survivability against a variety of battlefield threats. Its modular design is also claimed to be suitable for installation on a wide range of platforms, from main battle tanks to light armoured vehicles.

ASPIS combines passive and active protection systems with early warning sensors, expendable countermeasures and electronic/ electro-optic systems under a single automated control. The mockup at the show presents the total capability of EODH in platform survivability, because it includes multilayer active and passive armour solutions.

The system ensures protection against chemical and kinetic energy threats, as well as improvised explosive devices and mines.

Protection against mines is provided using decoupled floor technology and the company also provides the blast-attenuating seats, which feature an innovative bracket mechanism that absorbs shock.

EODH’s stand is shared with the German associate of the group, Novel Engineering Materials & Solutions (NEMS), which is a specialised partner in the supply chain in strategic materials such as titanium, armour steel, aluminium alloys, spall liners and specific composite materials.

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