IDEX 2019

Improved vision [IDEX19D4]

20 February 2019

Australia-based Trakka Systems, present at IDEX with Emirati company Bin Hilal Enterprises (Stand C8- 001) is showing its new-generation TC-300G-S compact high-performance multisensor surveillance system.

Intended for applications ranging from law enforcement and civil protection to military ISR and force protection, it can be deployed on manned and unmanned platforms or installations.

The TC series features advanced technology and ergonomic industrial design for high performance in a non-ITAR single- LRU configuration. EO/IR sensors augmented with sophisticated image processing enable users to see through fog, haze, low light and darkness. Image blending is used to exploit images from the different sensors to extract features that would otherwise go undetected by a single sensor.

The TC-300G-S includes a high-speed digital video engine embedded directly within the gimbal that provides a number of standard and optional functions.

This enhances image quality under adverse conditions and improves operator performance.

According to Trakka, all systems can be interfaced with moving map systems and secure datalinks.

These attributes enable operators and command centres to share mission-critical information in real time, while providing enhanced situational awareness via augmented reality overlays or pure synthetic views.

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