IDEX 2019

XLOONG USV breaks cover [IDEX19D3]

19 February 2019

Recognising growing naval interest in the potential of unmanned and autonomous systems, China Shipbuilding Trading Co (CSSC, Stand 10-E03) has unveiled its XLOONG unmanned surface vessel (USV) concept at IDEX.

Modular in design to allow for the integration of multiple different weapon payloads, the XLOONG USV is capable of performing interdiction, patrol and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations. The craft's angled shape is designed to minimise radar cross-section.

The model displayed by CSSC at IDEX shows an interchangeable mid-body section that can be configured to host anti-ship missiles, rocket launchers or an eight-cell silo for a range of vertically launched precision-guided weapons. A further eight vertical launch cells are embedded within the vessel structure (four on either beam).

According to CSSC, the XLOONG USV incorporates a high degree of autonomy with regard to both route planning and task planning/mission management, and multiple vehicles can operate together as part of a collaborative 'swarm'. As well as operating fully unmanned, the USV can also be used in a manned mode.

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