IDEX 2019

Protect valuable assets [IDEX19D3]

19 February 2019

For the protection of maritime and land-based assets, the MARSS Group (Stand B-024) offers its NiDAR and RADiRguard perimeter protection systems.

The systems-agnostic NiDAR is an advanced long-range surveillance system designed to monitor and protect assets from air, land and underwater approaches.

Due to its modular design, it offers outstanding flexibility to meet future requirements or expansions.

It can track, monitor, detect, classify and respond to multiple known and unknown air, land and underwater objects in real time. This is achieved by means of advanced algorithms to intelligently analyse and rank unknown objects and determine potential threat levels. Whenever the user-determined warning and alarm zones are breached, the system can automatically or manually deploy integrated countermeasures.

According to MARSS, blue force assets can be networked into the central NiDAR system to provide an additional layer of surveillance and security around a vessel or infrastructure asset.

Similarly, RADiRguard is an all-in-one intelligent perimeter security system that can reliably detect and classify objects before a perimeter is reached. Combining traditional standalone and next-generation sensors, each self-contained unit has radar, CCTV, IR and RF monitoring plus intelligent threat analysis and classification before the fence line is reached.

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