IDEX 2019

African drive [IDEX19D2]

18 February 2019

South Africa’s Paramount Group (Stand 12-C15) is launching a brand-new variant of its Mbombe 4 (4x4) mine-resistant armoured vehicle here at IDEX.

Displaying a striking new design, it is being described by the company as a “multirole, highly dynamic, mine-protected armoured vehicle” and, like all of Paramount’s products, has been developed using internal research and development funding to meet emerging export customer requirements.

Executive chairman Ivor Ichikowitz told the IDEX Show Daily: “Mbombe 4 was designed and developed for specific market requirements and we are extremely proud of the end result. The Mbombe 4 is world-leading in its class. We pioneered mine-resistant flat floor technology, which is central to the design of the new Mbombe 4x4 platform.”

Mbombe 4 features an all-welded monocoque steel hull, providing occupants with ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 3, while mine blast protection is to up to STANAG 4569 Levels 4a and 4b. The vehicle provides protection against a side blast such as an improvised explosive device or roadside bomb equivalent to 50kg of TNT.

An independent suspension system and air-operated differential locks front and rear provide a high level of cross-country mobility.

The quoted gross vehicle weight of 16,000kg includes 2,700kg of payload, which is fuel, crew, weapons, ammunition and other onboard equipment.

In addition to the commander, driver and gunner, four dismounts can be carried in the rear troop compartment. For use in high ambient temperature conditions, an air-conditioning system is fitted as standard (from +55°C in desert conditions to -20°C in winter conditions).

Mbombe 4 can be fitted with a wide range of turrets, including Ukrainian, South African and various Western-made systems. A wide range of optional equipment is available, including a central tyre inflation system, run-flat inserts, winch, fire detection and suppression system, CBRN, gunshot protection and vehicle location and tracking system.

The development of the Mbombe 4 now enables the Paramount Group to offer a complete range of wheeled vehicles, with the other two being Mbombe 6 (6x6) and the Mbombe 8 (8x8).

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